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I am NOIR...despite my beauty and intelligence society does not recognise me. My thoughts become distorted with images thrown on me by social media and entertainment...most of these images do not reflect or resemble me. Most of these images do not define me or even come close to the queen that i am. My beauty standards are not set by your standards, my dreams are greater than yours and my light can be imitated but you can NEVER become it.

I AM MISS REPRESENTED...in life, in love and in society.

​I created this blog because i saw a need, that some women really struggle to navigate through society, they have no idea who they are  or who they are meant to be? They will either follow the crowd or get lost because they aren't strong or confident enough to be themselves. I can relate though....I was born to lead and have struggled to find my place or space in society. I was too loud, too opinionated, too strong, too much of everything. I wanted to create a safe space for women especially black women to feel comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. Often society wants to dictate who we must be in order to be accepted but i don't agree, there is so much that women have to offer that is either unseen or unappreciated. To many women end up being watered down versions of themselves whether its because of societal or 3rd party influences or low self esteem. Self image, self love and respect can be neglected and past issues cause resentment and i want to dispel these labels that all black women are angry and aggressive. I want to highlight what the underlying issues may be that contribute to our behaviours...i am not a doctor or psychologist but i think we need to give ourselves an assessment and prescribe a bit of advice and understanding before signing up for surgery!!!


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